• February 16, 2024

ORYX Gaming marketing tool launch a major success

Oryx Gaming has announced that the launch of its Leaderboards and Tournament tool has been a success after initial results showing a major swell in overall gaming activity, player engagement, conversion and retention rates were reported by two operators.

ORYX Gaming marketing tool launch a major success

Introduced in May 2020, the Bragg Gaming Group company’s (TSXV:BRAG) Realtime Tournaments and in-game Leaderboards marketing tool made it possible for operators to arrange slot tournaments across several game providers, complete with a “real-time data feed” that allows players to track and compare their own results with others.

Ten thousand, one hundred and ninety-two players participated in two separate marketing campaigns that were arranged using the tool. Spanning 10 days, cash prizes and free round incentives were given away, resulting in operators immediately seeing major spikes both in bet size and in player session length.

Free rounds incentive a game-changer:

Two operators reported that initial results showed a 47 percent swell in the amount of total bets while the number of game rounds increased by 51 percent and player numbers grew by 44 percent. However, when free rounds incentives were included in the campaign, the total amount of bets skyrocketed 184 percent, the number of game rounds by 207 percent, and player numbers jumped by an incredible 258 percent.

Powerful marketing tool:

In an official press release, Managing Director for Oryx Gaming, Matevz Mazij, commented on the successful launch, stating…

“We’re thrilled to already see the results of our Realtime Tournaments and Leaderboards tool and how it can be easily used by our partners as a powerful marketing tool that helps keep players excited, entertained and engaged while they are playing the games they love the most.”

The Ljubljana-headquartered innovator’s one-of-a-kind Realtime Tournaments and Leaderboards tool offers a real-time data feed along with seamless set-up that does not require any integration. It is also unique in that it enables the creation of exclusive competitive environments by operators so players want to win the game they are playing as well as against others.

It enhances gameplay and incentivizes players to “battle to win” or go back to a game where a tournament is in progress while adding another “layer of excitement” and provides an optimized conversion and retention tool for operators.